Hey! I'm Daniela,

but this page isn't about me.

Nor is it about you. :) It's about the things we all have in common:

Being human & living on Earth.

I help travelers to maximize their positive impact in their travel destination and to experience one of the greatest vacations of their life yet.


By giving them insights about the nature and landscapes of their travel destination as video online classes and by connecting them with their travel destination on a deeper, less 'travel-superficial' level.


Because I believe that knowledge about and the feeling of connection to our travel destination are the keys to a truly memorable, outstanding, above-average adventure that makes us responsible, sustainable travelers and, most importantly, better humans.

The level of connection we share with people, places and things is what determines the value of our experiences and relationships.

Raising the level of connection to nature and Earth is what we all need more of, what relaxes us, what makes us happy and what enables us to make even better decision for ourselves, humanity and Earth.

I believe that this fundamental connection can be acquired by simply being interested in, by trying to understand and by educating ourselves about our beautiful planet Earth and the life that exists on it. :-)

If you believe what I believe it'd be my pleasure to have you by my side. :)

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