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The Future of Traveling

Traveling and caring about the environment are not mutually exclusive.

In fact, as travelers, we have the opportunity to experience nature's beauty firsthand.

We see new landscapes and plants and animals. We learn and connect.

Traveling is a great way to grow as a human and to get to know and appreciate our planet.

But we have to do it the right, sustainable way.

Then, traveling and caring about the planet are in sync.

I'm so glad you're here! I'm Daniela, a prospective Geo Scientist and I love to explain how landscapes formed.

The content I share with you is a little more sciency than you know it from travel blogs, magazines or podcasts.

I appreciate those too, they're great for inspiration. But never as detailed as I wish when it comes to landscape formation and the science background.

I focus on depth, true connection with nature, knowledge, meaningful experiences as well as respectful, thoughtful and sustainable traveling vs. ticking of bucket list goals, shallow experiences, finding Instagram-worthy photo locations (because that's just ridiculous).

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