Pt. 7: Get a sneak peek | MENTOR EARTH program

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"I think I'd have to get up and leave", I told my friend. We found our way to our comfy red-cushioned seats and waited for the velvet-curtains to reveal the movie screen. 

It's the first time I had visited a sneak peek show at the movie theater and I was nervous. What if a horror movie would be showing?

The SNEAK PEEK – MENTOR EARTH short course is guaranteed not a horror show. It is a fair and free opportunity for you to sneak a peek at the course before purchasing the complete program. You can taste test the course and get to know its look and feel. 

As for my sneak peek experience, I can conclude it was a success. The movie we saw was "Saving Mr. Banks" with Tom Hanks, an actor I highly appreciate.

Hope to see you inside the free Sneak Peek!



PS: This is the last part of the series. Read the previous parts here or visit the MENTOR EARTH website to get more details or to enroll.

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