The Science of Travel Podcast Has Launched!

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Hey there! 😊

As always, thanks so much for being here! 

New beginnings: The Science of Travel Podcast has launched! A new episode will be available every other week. I'm so excited about this new platform and have so many ideas already. 

Find out what the podcast is all about in the Introduction Episode:



Hello everybody, welcome to the very first episode of the Science of Travel Podcast – the podcast that combines all things Earth, landscapes and travel destinations with Earth Science!

The time has come to stop with superficial experiences in all aspects of our lives and also when we travel. We should start travelling in a meaningful way, where we give back, show gratitude, appreciation, respect and true interest in the destinations and people we visit. Because travelling really is about forming deeper connections with those places and landscapes we travel to, with the people we come in touch with, also also with ourselves.

The time of exessive consumption is outdated, the time of not caring about nature simply is up. The time of ignoring our impact on nature is up. We can’t afford not to care, we should care, because Earth is our home, it is our future.

This podcast is dedicated to our beautiful planet and the diversity we are truly blessed with.

We will talk about Earth as a whole, the formation and other geological highlights of spectacular travel destinations such as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone NP and many many other landscapes and natural features. We’ll also talk about other contemporary issues such as climate change and topics as they relate to nature and living a good life in general.

The best part: All of these topics will be explained to you in a little more detail than you know it from generic travel magazines or blogs, while not being too heavy or difficult to understand. Now and then we'll have special guests on and talk with them about nature, Earth and beyond.

My name is Daniela, I own and run the website EarthyMe and the online course platform EarthyUniversity. My personal goal is to show you the world the way it fascinates me the most so that you can start to see the bigger picture, how everything is connected, and to make you realize that nothing we take for granted truly is for granted.

I hope to inspire you to care for our planet even more and that you will to make good decisions for yourself and the world, and I also hope that this will make you feel more grounded, human, real and fulfilled, whether while you’re travelling or at home.

I publish a blog article which includes a transcript along with each episode on the Science of Travel Blog.

This was just a very brief introduction to the Science of Travel Podcast, I hope you liked it and will tune in again!

Be kind and love nature, bye!

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[Image Credit: Grand Canyon by Daniela Dägele (myself :) ]

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