Special Alert: Hawaiian Islands Allow Travel - With One Heartfelt Request

Hawai'i reopens for US travelers. 

I could not be more happy about this.

This marks the beginning of new, a better, way to travel. 

As they announced on their Instagram account* @gohawaii "It's time. Not just to go back, but to give back when you mālama (care for) Hawai'i."

(*It seems they deleted the post I'm talking about in this video, unfortunately)

With a pre-travel testing program visitors from the US can bypass the required mandatory 14-day quarantine. (All information about the travel requirements can be found on the GoHawaii website (click here)).

Besides these medical requirements, there is another requirement that THe Hawaiian Islands ask of visitors: kuleana (responsibility).

In a slideshow they explain their vision of future Hawai'i travel:


"In Hawai'i, sharing the aloha spirit means welcoming all with open arms. But this year, that was the one thing we couldn't do. Until now.

Today, we are announcing The Hawaiian Islands are welcoming visitors to stay with us again. But this comes with an ask: not just to come back, but to give back.

This is more than an invitation to return, this is an invitation to restore. To rebuild. To rethink how we travel. And to do it all safely and mindfully. Because it's not just where you go, it's how you stay.

So let's tread lightly and explore responsibly. Let's experience a deeper conenction. Let's mālama (care for) Hawai'i and, when you do, leave with a more fulfilling experience that gives back to you, too.

Mahalo and welcome back, 

The Hawaiian Islands."


Wow. What an announcement. I can't tell you how much this means to me.

Everything they said represents the building blocks of EarthyUniversity and the exact motivation behind creating the world's first travel class about Hawai'i: The Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Class.

Connection, giving back, mindfulness, appreciation and authenticity are what this online course breathes and exhales. 


Hawai'i is such a unique place - this sounds like a cliché, but it is so true in every sense of the word. Hawai'i is so special, because of many reasons. And it simply cannot be reduced to it's beauty alone. 

Superficiality is what is trending in our society. But going deeper, experiencing on profound levels, mindfulness, going within, is what truly creates magnificence.

I was overwhelmed with excitement when I read the above announcement yesterday.

It confirms what I stand for and gives me hope that we will create a world where profoundness reigns above superficiality.

If you travel to Hawai'i or know somebody who does, please pay a visit to the online course platform EarthyUniversity, where the Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Class is waiting for you to dive deeper.

With all my heart and love for Hawai'i,



PS: Read this blog article (incl. the very first video of the Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Class where I explain to you what this class is all about and how you (and Hawai'i) will benefit from it (click here).

[Photo Credits: Photo by Sean O., North Shore, Waialua, O'ahu, Hawai'i]

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