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Hey you! 😊 Thanks so much for being here!

I'm so excited to share with you some extracts of the very first online course about Hawai'i.

In this article I'm telling you about the world's first online travel class about Hawai'i and why it is a great idea to enroll. It will enhance every part of your Hawai'i vacation and deepen your understanding of the interrelatedness of nature, geology and Hawaiian culture. I encourage you to be open-minded and caring.


Below you will find the transcript from the Welcome Video as seen in the Introductory Module of the world's first online course about Hawai'i: The ULTIMATE HAWAI'I TRAVEL CLASS. 😊

Read ahead if you:

  • are planning a Hawai'i vacation 
  • already booked your vacation and are gathering information about the islands
  • want to become a sustainable, responsible, informed traveler




Hey there, and welcome to your Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Class.

I'm beyond happy that you are here. I'm Daniela and I will be guiding you through this online class. It is created with love and packed with knowledge.

First of all, I want to say thank you for giving me the gift of your trust and thank you for letting me be part of your Hawai'i vacation.

I understand that you have spent lots of time and money and maybe even some nerves into your trip to Hawai'i. 

It has to be perfect and unforgettable, right?

Deciding to take this online class was the right thing to do.

If you're already looking forward to your vacation, maybe because you haven't been on a trip in a long time, maybe because you're fulfilling your dream or maybe because you're traveling the world or whatever the reason for your upcoming Hawai'i trip may be.

I promise you that after this class you will be bursting with excitement.

You will see Hawai'i with different eyes, you will experience the islands intensely and you will enhance the quality of your entire vacation.

Hawai'i is an adventure. Hawai'i impresses with expensive dark lava fields, bizarre rock formations, lush green forests, fields and jungles, almost all the climate zones of the world, many indigenous plants and animals, intense high contrast colors, sweet exotic fruits, glistening waterfalls, the wild ocean, and people who are happy and kind. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Well, even in Hawai'i not everything's perfect.

Hawai'i is a magical world, but not a perfect world.

We are not going to talk about the working and living conditions of Hawaiian residents or politics in this class.

So I'm pointing this out now and make you aware of it.

I want you to understand that Hawai'i is a state just like every other state, region or country. There also exist poverty, crime, theft, homelessness, and there are trash cans with garbage in it. 

Not all locals, like tourists or welcome them with open arms and locals also do have bad days.

There is noise. There are many cars and not every single beach is super beautiful

or even a natural. Life isn't easy for everyone there either.

In this class you will also learn about the brutal, sad history Hawai'i experienced.

The Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Class was created to give you an authentic look on Hawai'i and to instill in you a sense of appreciation for the islands and how everything is connected: the geology, mythology, nature, history, culture, and language are all intertwined.

Plus, this travel class provides you with a large overview and condensed information about the Hawaiian Islands.

It gives you the chance to seek out and dig deeper into those topics about Hawai'i that interest and excites you the most and allows you to learn even more about them.

You will also have a better sense of knowing what islands you'll want to visit and we're on those islands you're going to be spending your time, as you will feel what you are most enthusiastic about.

This class will save you money, time and reward you with joy.

By the end of this class you will have understood that you are a visitor to the islands and you're going to treat them with respect and care.

You'll be able to adapt more easily.

During your stay you'll feel connected to the Hawaiians, to their land, to their animals, to their plants, and to their ocean.

You'll want to immerse yourself in the culture.

You won't act like a tourist but like a traveler and I hope you'll even experience more profound feelings, such as gratitude, freedom, carefreeness, and happiness.

You'll feel human.

You'll enjoy the moment. Perhaps you will understand that you have a place on this Earth.

Perhaps you will find even more self-acceptance.

The Structure of the Online Class

This online class is divided into six modules.

The Introductory Module is dedicated to Hawai'i's geography.

It is followed up by the five main modules:

  • Module 1: Geology,
  • Module 2: Nature
  • Module 3: Hawaiian Life
  • Module 4: History,
  • and Module 5: Hawaiian Language.

In the section 'Resources' you can find all the resources and links mentioned in the video class.

A quick heads up: Some of these modules and lessons will be more challenging and more intense than others, depending on your previous knowledge, especially Module 1: Geology.

There is a lot of new information loaded upon you and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Please know that this is not my intention.

I'm giving you the information, I think you need to put all of the knowledge into perspective, and to enable you to see the bigger picture I encourage you to stay conscious during this class.

When you notice feelings of overwhelm, sadness, anger or frustration I ask you to pause the video and to continue only when you feel excited again. This class ought to be fun and no burden.

I know you can do this. Otherwise, you wouldn't be watching this video. A vacation transforming and maybe even life-changing online class is waiting for you. It means the world to me that you - yes, YOU - are here, wanting to learn more about the Hawaiian Islands.

Enjoy your class.


Let me give you a little run down of how your future might look like if you choose to enroll for the Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Class:

Immediate Benefits
Directly after purchasing the class you'll feel relief. From now on, there is a safe place you can withdraw to when wanting to do some research about Hawai'i. No more overwhelm. No clicking through the internet and screening Youtube videos. And the most important thing: You'll feel great as you just started your journey on becoming a responsible, soulful, sustainable traveler who starts to give back to Hawai'i and who creates an extraordinary experience for themselves at the same time.

Short Term Benefits
During consuming the class, you'll feel joy and excitement. You'll figure out what islands you feel most drawn to. You'll start to see why Hawai'i is indeed truly special and you will finally comprehend the interrelatedness of geology, culture, history and language. You'll start to realize that in order to experience a truly magical experience, you need to connect with Hawai'i on a deeper level.

Benefits while in Hawai'i
When visiting Hawai'i, you won't be regretting anything. You'll enjoy the moment and appreciate your stay. You'll understand the Hawaiians, respect them, their life, their land, their animals and the ocean. You'll want to care for them. You'll be filled to the brim with gratitude and appreciation. You'll want to participate in spreading aloha. You are being reminded of what is truly important in life. In short: You'll experience magic. (Sounds cheesy? Well, you'll know what I'm talking about soon enough :-) ).

Long Term Benefits
A few months and years after you returned home from Hawai'i and have already fallen back into your old pattern again, you can start to reminisce. Think about the wonderful feeling of connection and happiness you experienced in Hawai'i. How you fell in love with the simple life, giving love and appreciating fondness. You can recharge your batteries simply by thinking back to a happier time. You can draw strength and serenity from the insights you will gain about Hawaiian culture and from your Hawai'i experience. Because you were reminded of what is truly important in life. And then take that power and grace with you into the present moment. 

How do I know? Because the same applies to me. Whenever I feel stressed, or overwhelmed, or angry at people, I try to remind myself of the love I witnessed in Hawai'i. This isn't BS. 

As you can see, enrolling in the class won't only have an effect on your life in Hawai'i. But also on your life before departure, shortly after your return and even long after you have settled back into your everyday life.


Why Becoming An EarthyUniversity Student is A Great Idea
EarthyUniversity students believe that our happiness and meaning of life as humans lies in emotional connection to nature and people. EarthyUniversity is all about feeling the insignificance of human existance, about the dominance of natural processes, about reconnecting with nature by gaining knowledge, and, last but not least, to be endlessly fascinated and inspired by this beatiful planet we live on. As a result, we'll be making better decisions for nature, ourselves and others, wherever we are in the world: at home or travelling.


If you are intrigued to learn even more about Hawai'i and want to become a sustainable, conscious traveler, I invite you to visit the website EarthyUniversity and have a look at the ULTIMATE HAWAI'I TRAVEL CLASS. I'll see you there! 😊



Be kind and love nature, 


PS: Here's a Hawaii Planing Guide with 8 FAQs I've put together for you. Check it out!


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