How to ease travel guilt | free audio training

What does it mean to feel bad or guilty about something?

It means we have the feeling that what we're about to do is wrong, forbidden, has major consequences.

We think we shouldn't do it.

In the travel case, we feel that we shouldn't travel or that we should travel a different way.

Travel the right way. But what is the right way?

Travel guilt is a real thing. You're not alone. I feel it too.

Now, I want to share my strategy with you and tell you what traveling the right way means to me.

It has the power to ease travel guilt.

In this free audio training you’ll find out the one thing that has the power to minimize or prevent travel guilt.

And no, it’s NOT buying carbon offsets.

And it’s NOT travelling less.

It’s about the absolute foundation that will make all these points self-evident to you.

Can you relate to this?

  • You’re constantly thinking about traveling
  • When you return home from a vacation, you’re already thinking about planning a new one!!
  • Your partner is annoyed by you always dreaming and talking about travel plans.
  • Your “don’t want to go”-bucket list is shorter than your “wan’t to go” bucket list
  • You’re obsessed with beautiful landscapes.
  • You have constant wanderlust and itchy feet? Can’t wait to travel again?

AND - you feel bad for traveling, because it harms the environment or because you feel privileged?

Don't procrastinate and download the training today.

Learn how to alleviate your travel guilt now (click the image):

Learn how to get rid of travel guilt in this free audio training

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