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Punaluu Black Sand Beach on the Big Island

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Virtual Hawai'i Geology + Volcano Experience

Experience Hawai'i with a geologist!


Hi, I'm Daniela. I'm a geologist and I happen to ADORE Hawai'i. What a great combination, since Hawai'i is a geologist's paradise. Let me introduce you to these islands in a structured, curated video course that is heavily focussed on the geological story of the Hawaiian Islands.


Get access to 3 videos (for free) that illustrate the marvelous story of relentless destruction and fiery creation only geology and volcanoes can tell, incl. a brief geographical introdcution of the islands.

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  3. Create your personal EarthyU account – this is required as the videos will be delivered for you there. No payment details required and absolutely free of charge.
  4. Start watching!
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