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The Science of Travel Blog

The Science of Travel combines the passion of travel and the knowledge geoscience provides in order to build deep connections and fond relationships with the nature and people we come in touch with.

We'll talk about our beautiful planet Earth as a whole and specifically about formation & Earth surface processes, spectacular travel destinations and other topics as they relate to nature and living a good life in general.
Topics covered include
  • The formation and building processes of iconic landscapes and geological highlights all around the world
  • Interviews with all kinds of humans: researchers, science and travel experts, "normal" people, locals, travelers, photographers, filmmakers, environmentalists, philantrophists ...
  • The geological history of Earth and specific regions
  • Geography and paleogeography
  • Tectonics and volcanoes
  • Travelling and living sustainably and responsibly
  • Environmental protection and preservation
  • The human relationship with nature and our planet
  • Climate, climate change and weather
  • Earth's ecosystems
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate zones
  • Seasons
  • Time zones
  • Other planets and stars
  • Cultures and traditions
  • Languages
  • and lots more :-)
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