About Me

Hey everbody :)

I'm Daniela! Welcome to my site EarthyMe. This is my place to share with you my love and passion for all life, our planet and beyond. 

I grew up in a small village in Germany, which is a big contrast to the million-people city I live in at the moment. 

I appreciate the city for its short distances. I can ride my bike and walk a lot. I also appreciate the city for the many options I have: doing sports, educating myself at the University, entertaining myself, lots of good restaurant with great food and supermarkets open almost 24/7 (thank you supermarket employees ♥).

However, I've noticed that I feel the urge to be in nature a lot more ever since I've been living here. The cars, the smell, the noise. I feel disconnected from nature. There are parks here. But it's not the same. There are always many people. You are never alone. There is constant background noise, light and air pollution.

I've never felt the urge of being closer to nature than ever before. 

But I don't only blame it on the city.

I had taken nature for granted: Going outside whenver I felt like it, living in a village surrounded fields and forests and lakes, growing up in a house with a garden, being able to ride my bike along stretches of flat landscapes, through green forests to the lake nearby.

The city has shown me how much I need nature. How much I rely on it to feel free, human and happy.

I've realized that I have a deep connection with Earth and a strong desire to learn ever more about it and to live in harmony with it. I'm now studying Earth Science. And it feels great.

I want to share my love and passion for nature with you. 

We are lucky to live on this planet we call Earth. We are only a blink of an eye in its history. Earth existed long before us and it will exist long after we're gone.

It is my vision to make your life, the lives of the people you touch and the lives of all organisms a little better. It is my vision to keep our Earth healthy and in balance.

I strive to achieve this by offering online travel classes about specific destinations at the EarthyUniversity, which is a platform I created for precisely this purpose. These classes instill in you a sense of appreciation, understanding and love for the only home you have: Earth.

I support the TurtleFoundation and Greenpeace with annual donations.

Thank you so much for being here and spending your time with me.