About Daniela

Hey there 😊

I'm Daniela! Welcome to my site EarthyMe. This is my place to share with you my love and passion for all life, our planet and beyond. 

I love maps. I love looking at them and I love finding my position on them. I love how everything on maps is perfectly connected. I love how much sense they make.

I loved having my first smartphone because it allowed me to open Google Maps and trace my position indicated by that blue dot.

Whenever I travel somewhere or plan a new vacation, the first thing I do is I study the geography of this destination. It helps me have a structure.

And sometimes I would find out more about the landscapes and other hightlights my new desired travel place offers. 

But not as often as I should've. 

During my travels, when I physically was at the destination, I'd wondered how this valley or mountain or rock formation or lake formed. 

I've visited beautiful places in the past, such as Scotland, but I hadn't learned a lot about its incredible geology, the friendly people and culture before departure.

During trips in the past, I lacked knowledge about these beautiful destinations and cultures.

And this lead me to lack a certain feeling: connection.

I don't know about you, but I need to know more about a specific place to feel connected.

And my personal goal is to feel connected, always.

It's what I do first when I meet somebody knew. I try to figure out what we have in common, so I can connect and start a relationship.

Otherwise, it's a superficial experience. And I don't like superficial, at all. 

I used travel guides, but I often find they're not as thorough and detailed as I want them to be.

The same applies to travel magazines or blogs. I appreciate them because of their beautiful imagery, storytelling character and source of inspiration.

But I sometimes wish they contained just a little more in-depth knowledge.

Now, all that might lead you to think that I study or studied geography. 

That's almost true!

I study Earth Sciences, also known as Geo Sciences. We study the Earth, its formation and all other processes happening inside and on its surface. Biology, physics and chemistry are other sciences that influence our field of study heavily.

I gain so much knowledge about our planet.

And I want to share it with you!

On these pages you'll find information about travel destinations and specific landscapes, but also general information and facts about Earth and space. 

It's not only important to me to explain our Earth to you, but I hope to inspire you to develop a deeper connection to it, to feel a love and passion for our home you've perhaps never felt before or feel it only sometimes.

We are lucky to live on this planet we call Earth. We are only a blink of an eye in its history. Earth existed long before us and it will exist long after we're gone.

It is my vision to make your life, the lives of the people you touch and the lives of all organisms a little better. It is my vision to keep our Earth healthy and in balance by educating people about it.

Education, knowledge and insights are a big step towards preservation, as it leads us to making better decisions for everyone.

This is what I do:

  • EarthyUniversity: A platform I created that offers travel classes about specific destinations
  • The Science of Travel Podcast: In this podcast we'll chat about all things nature and Earth Science, as it relates to travel destinations and the processes of our planet as a whole.
  • The Science of Travel Blog: Each 'MarvelousMonday' I share a fact about nature, Earth or a specific travel destination to marvel at with you and you can find all transcripts from the Podcast here as well
  • Work With Me: A 'pay what you want' service where I offer to answer any ultra-specific questions about travel destinations or Earth you might have
  • MarvelousMonday: A free newsletter each month that contains inspiration & knowledge about travel destinations and nature to marvel at (think beautiful photos, mini quizzes and scientific facts)

I support the TurtleFoundation and Greenpeace with annual donations.

Thank you so much for being here and spending your time with me.

Be kind and love nature,


PS: I consider myself a life-long learner and will be deepening my knowledge about Earth my entire life - because there is just so much to learn, to correlate and to put into a larger context. I'm not a Geology expert (yet), this means there'll probably be a few things I'll get wrong. And even if I were an expert, I'd still be wrong sometimes - and even experts will never have all the answers! And that's okay - afterall, we're humans in a world that is ruled by laws we will probably never fully comprehend. However, naturally, you can expect that I'm always giving my all to deliver correct, well-researched information. 





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