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Please consider donating to EarthyMe & EarthyUniversity.

Your money will help me fulfill my dream of making this online business a full-time job, as it would allow me to focus my energy and passion on growing it, on creating, researching, writing and recording intellectual, sophisticated, useful, philantrophic, science-based content for you, while attending university.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to make a donation and supporting my work. I take each payment as a huge compliment, sign of appreciation and as an encouragement to keep doing what I do.

Each payment is received with so much gratitude. 🥰


The default value is 1€. By adjusting the quantity you can define the exact amount you'd like to send towards me.


If you want to tip 10€, please set the quantity to 10

If you want to tip 20€, please set the quantity to 20 

If you want to tip 50€, please set the quantity to 50



Thank you ♥ Daniela


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