93 Million Miles From The Sun

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"We're 93 million miles from the sun. People get ready, get ready. Cause here it comes, it's a beautiful light, over the horizon and into your eyes." (Jason Mraz)🌻⁠⁠

The sun is 150.000.000 km or 93.000.000 miles from our planet. It's the perfect distance. It's not too cold (Mars and beyond) and not too warm (Mercury and Venus). Perfect conditions for life to exist and to be able to walk around without a spacesuit. We're lucky. 🍀 😊 Earth is at the exact position it's supposed to be. Not further away from the sun, not closer to it. To take this to a different, more philantrophic level (I like to do so): Perhaps YOU are at the exact point in your life where you're supposed to be. Neither too late, too old, too young, too slow, too far behind, too fast, too far ahead, too smart, too healthy, too succesful, nor too happy.

You're exactly where you're supposed to be. 🌎⁠

Be kind and love nature,



About the author

Daniela is convinced that by gaining deep insights into planet Earth and travel destinations you’ll create meaningful, grounding and memorable life and travel experiences. She explains fundamental geological processes that form and shape landscapes and combines these insights with philosophical and philanthropical views in her online courses, articles, and newsletter. She holds two bachelor's degrees in geosciences (B.Sc.) and business administration with tourism (B.A.). She is the owner and founder of EarthyMe, EarthyUniversity and the Science of Travel blog and the STORIES OF EARTH newsletter.




Image credit: Sunflower field in Southern Germany, Daniela Dägele

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