About Daniela

Daniela Dägele, founder of EarthyMe and EarthyUniversity

Hey there 😊

I'm Daniela! Welcome to my sites EarthyMe & EarthyUniversity. This is my place to share with you my love and passion for all life, our planet and beyond. 

Daniela holds two bachelor's degrees in geosciences (B.Sc.) and business administration with tourism (B.A.). She is the founder and owner of EarthyMe and EarthyUniversity.

[Learn more about the concept of EarthyMe here.]

I love landscapes. I love beautiful, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling landscapes. All sorts of them. Rugged mountains, pristine beaches, blue water, green pasture and forests, dry shrubland, deserts and rain forests. I can see the beauty and magnificence in all of them.

During my travels I'd often wondered how this valley or mountain or rock formation or lake formed. And I had wished there was a resource that explained these formation processes to me in simple terms.

I've visited beautiful places in the past, such as Scotland, Hawai'i and Vietnam, but I hadn't learned a lot about their incredible geology, the friendly people and culture before departure.

I used travel guides, but I often found they're not as thorough and detailed as I want them to be. They're great for a broad understanding and overview of the place as it relates to general geography, geology and they provide great advice on restaurants, bars, accommodation and activities. Unfortunately, I never found them to be detailed enough in regards to landscape formation and geoscience.

The same applies to travel magazines or blogs. I appreciate them because of their beautiful imagery, storytelling character and source of inspiration.

But I sometimes wish they contained just a little more in-depth knowledge about my favourite topics: the formation processes of landscapes.

Hence, during trips in the past, I lacked knowledge about these beautiful destinations.

Not only did I feel I had a superficial travel experience. I did not feel a deeper connection.

Meaningful travel experiences are created by fully immersing and connecting yourself with the place of your desire. Knowledge about these places is the ultimate building block of forming these strong bonds that result in lasting, transformative and sustainable experiences.

Otherwise, it's a superficial experience. And I don't like superficial, at all. 

When I studied business administration with specialization in tourism, I simultaneously worked at the second largest tour operator in Germany at the time. Quickly I learned that creating travel packages and enabling people to visit faraway countries felt too shallow for me. Sending people off to resorts where they barely come in touch with the local population, learn about and see the natural beauty, resources and landscapes their destination has to offer did not fulfill me. I always felt there was something missing.

I knew I needed to change something, so I decided to study something new, something I always had a passion for but never thought I could actually succeed in.

I then completed a bachelor degree in Earth Sciences, also known as geosciences. Geoscientists study the Earth, its formation and all other processes happening inside and on its surface. Biology, physics and chemistry are other sciences that influence our field of study heavily.

My main scientific interests are: geosciences as a whole, and specifically geology, geomorphology, sedimentology, petrology, volcanology, and palaeogeography.

At EarthyMe you'll find information about travel destinations and specific landscapes, but also general information and facts about Earth.

I hope to inspire you to develop a deeper connection to Earth, to feel a love and passion for our home you've perhaps never felt before.

We are lucky to live on this planet we call Earth. We are only a blink of an eye in its history. Earth existed long before us and it will exist long after we're gone. But its existence is also finite.

As is your life.

It is my vision to make your life, the lives of the people you touch and the lives of all organisms a little better. It is my vision to keep our Earth healthy and in balance by educating people about it.

My way of achieving this is by explaining to you how landscapes formed on the Earth's surface - but every time we look at the surface of something, we also need to dig deeper to understand why things are the way they are, we need to (literally) look at each layer. And I hope that by going a little further, deeper, into geology, you'll start to gain a perspective of life you've never experienced before, one that will leave you in awe and inspire you to care for our planet just a little more.

Understanding the geology of a place will connect you to it in a way you've never experienced before and has the power to transform the way you see the world - potentionally forever.

Education, knowledge and insights are a big step towards preservation, as it leads us to making better decisions for everyone. 


This is what I do:

  • EarthyUniversity: A platform I created that offers travel classes about specific destinations.
  • The Science of Travel Podcast: In this podcast you'll hear stories, interviews with special guests and scientific information about Earth as they relate to nature, travel destinations, the processes of our planet as a whole. With every podcast episode I publish a blog article that contains (amongst other things) the transcript to the according podcast episode.
  • Stories of Earth: A free newsletter that contains a stories about Earth, travel destinations and natural attraction. I'll also send out notifications for the latest Science of Travel Podcast episode and blog.

I support the TurtleFoundation with annual donations.

Thank you so much for being here and spending your time with me.

Be kind and love nature,


PS: I consider myself a life-long learner and will be deepening my knowledge about Earth my entire life - because there is just so much to learn, to correlate and to put into a larger context. I'm not a geology expert (yet), this means there'll probably be a few things I'll get wrong. And even if I were an expert, I'd still be wrong sometimes - even experts will never have all the answers! And that's okay - afterall, we're humans in a world that is ruled by laws we will probably never fully comprehend. However, naturally, you can expect that I'm always giving my all to deliver correct, well-researched information.  

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