Traveling and caring about the environment are not mutually exclusive.

In fact, as travelers, we have the opportunity to experience nature's excellence firsthand.

We see new landscapes and plants and animals. We learn and connect.

Travelling is a great way to grow as a person and to get to know and appreciate the world we live in.

But we have to do it the right, sustainable way.

Then, traveling and caring about the planet are in sync.

The time of mass tourism, over-crowded beaches, ticking off bucketlist goals and destroyed nature in travel destinations is over.

At EarthyMe, you'll be spoonfed with knowledge and handed the tools you need to travel the right, sustainable way.


It doesn't really matter where we come from, what nationality we're proud of, what colour or skin is or what language we speak. All these things cause separation. What creates unity is authenticity, acceptance and integrity. We all live on this beautiful planet together, at the same time. We are all inhabitants of Earth you and me.

Let's embrace and value each other's differences and similarities and let's use our individual strengths to connect and protect and care for our world, and each other.

It's the goal of all EarthyMe products to create unity, a greater awareness for our exceptional planet and to connect people with the natural world by providing detailed knowledge about Earth and nature.

EarthyMe is the root of the growing Earthy tree. EarthyMe is the website where all products meet. Here's an organigram of all EarthyMe branches:

 About EarthyMe and EarthyUniversity


EarthyUniversity is a platform for online travel courses and is designed to be a resource of hope, inspiration and knowledge for anybody who loves to travel and who cares about the world.

It makes insights about Earth and nature gained through Earth Science more accessible, transparent and relatable to non-scientists and puts this knowledge in the context of our everyday lives, travel and the protection of the environment.

EarthyUniversity combines 3 key topics:

  1. Travel
  2. Earth Science
  3. Protection and preservation

EarthyUniversity combines travel, Earth Science and environment protection and preservation

Born from a love for nature, a fascination for geology and Earth, EarthyU's courses will reveal to you the hidden, novel side of your travel destination.

The online classes explain the building processes and formation of landscapes, natural features and phenomenons.

You'll learn about the geological past, climate, wildlife and flora of the particular destination.

In short: You'll learn the geological story of your travel destination.

Simply learning about your desired destination will make you emotionally attached to it and your appreciation for your travel destination will skyrocket.

As a result, you'll make better decisions for the local community and nature - you won't pick that flower, buy the shark fin soup, step on coral, trample plants or feel a wrong sense of entitlement.*

You'll treat locals and nature with respect and appreciation.

You'll want to hug a barky old tree, you'll scare off your friends because you suddenly admire rock formations, let that pretty flower grow happily ever after, choose eco-friendly hotels and transportation and treat local nature and residents with greater respect.

In short: You'll want to preserve your travel destination and you'll make better decisions for it.

No prior geological knowledge is required.

To watch and understand these courses no background in sciences is needed. The only requirement you have to bring to the table is true interest and curiosity for Earth, nature, the environment and life.

*Disclaimer: I'm not saying that your impact on nature will automatically be zero. I'm not promising you that when you take these classes you'll be a saint. You'll still contribute to carbon emissions. But I can promise you that your mindset and view of the world will change. And that is where it has to start. 



As humans, we love to explore and discover new places and worlds. It's inherent. However, travelling causes environmental pollution (air, ocean, land) and the masses of tourists in some countries destroy precious land, hotels need vast amounts of limited resources such as water, cause high volumes of waste water and trash, to name only a few things. Some tourists lack respect and true interest in their travel destination. While traveling poses serious threats to nature and cultures, it provides enormous opportunities for travelers to broaden their horizons, learn to appreciate and embrace differences in cultures and personalities, and to start to realize that everything is connected.

Earth Science

Earth Science provides insights into the exogenic and endogenic processes that build and form the Earth's surfaces and landscapes. Understanding the workings of nature and where the resources our lives depend on come from, such as water and air, will lead to a greater environmental awareness and, hence, a desire to protect and preserve our planet. 

Protection and preservation

To protect and to preserve ecosystems and the environment we live in is a major responsibility that comes with being human. Using the knowledge Earth Science provides we can learn to appreciate, value, and thus develop a desire to protect and preserve the limited resources available to us and all forms of life we share our own existence with.


EarthyU is located in the center and represents the intersection of all three key factors. The online classes taught at EarthyU are tailored to specific travel destinations and designed to give the student a deeper understanding of the Earth's processes in the particular travel destinaton and will guide them to a greater awareness and appreciation for the nature and environment they are visiting as travelers.

The online classes provided by EarthyUniversity are created to be accessible and comprehensible for everybody. You do not need a science degree, college degree or similar to be able to take these classes.

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