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Before you start reading: Let's take a moment to appreciate this mesmerizing image of Earth. It's an "Earthrise".

Chris Hadfield is a former Canadian astronaut who went to space three times in his life.

On his final mission he spent 144 days aboard the ISS, the International Space Station. During this time, he took many pictures from the ISS Cupola, a bulging window that allows a one-of-a-kind 180¬į view on Earth.

In this video I found on Youtube a while ago Chris shares his thoughts on being in space, on being human, EVAs (going outside a space station) and taking and sharing these photgraphs.

I found this video deeply grounding and calming, and I hope it can do the same for you. Always, but especially during this worldwide Corona pandemic, connecting ourselves to nature, even by thought alone, can help us feel less stressed and take back control of our well-being.

What he says goes deep and just shows how much he is connected to our planet, how space changes his view on life, people and relationships.

Here's a gem right at the beginning where he shares his answer to the question: What advice would you give your 20 year old self?


"Every single person you meet is struggling. ... To recognize that everybody you meet, no matter how expensive their suit is or how serious their expression is, they are looking for significance. They are trying to do the best they can - and they fail regularly. And they're within their own particular battle of their own life, so cut them some slack for that. Don't let them off the hook, but recognize the shared nature of being a human being, and let people be themselves." 
(Chris Hadfield)


There are several quotes that struck me deeply, also made me tear up, but this one particulary hit home (it starts at 8:22 in the video):


"I think we collectively are more liable to make good decisions for ourselves and for where we live, the more clearly we can see the whole thing [Earth] as one place." 
(Chris Hadfield)


This just sums up perfectly why I created this website (EarthyMe) and the learning platform EarthyUniversity.


Watch the video here: 




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Image Credit: Earthrise from Apollo 16 on April 20, 1972, NASA via Unsplash (Unsplash License)

Source: Biography of Chris Hadfield - Canadian Space Agency (

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