The Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Guide | A List Of 15 Free Resources that Encourage More Sustainble, Responsible Travelling

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If you're longing for a magical Hawaii vacation that gives back to Hawai'i, you've found a great resource here! I suggest bookmarking this site so you can come back any time and continue browsing through this selection of valuable resources.

The Ultimate Hawai'i Travel Guide is a list that consists of 15 resources that promote and encourage more sustainable, responsible travelling by emphasizing the importance of an emotional connection with and gaining knowledge about the Hawaiian Islands to create a holistic view and, hence, travel experience.

The M
ĀLAMA (care for) Hawai'i Pre-Travel Course

This is a free online class where you'll learn about the Hawaiian culture, mythology, history and language. 
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PS: If you are intrigued by this content and the motivation to create a holistic view and the emphasis on connection by EarthyUniversity I am sure you will love the Hawaiian Islands: Island & Landscape Formation and Nature online course.


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