Image Credits

Some of the images used on the websites EarthyMe and EarthyUniversity are taken by amateur or professional photographers. I usually credit the source whenever I can directly on the page where I use the photo, but that isn't always possible. So, here are all the photographers I haven't credited yet. All images not mentioned here were taken by myself & are owned by me. :)

A big shout out and enormous thank you to all those talented photographers who offer their beautiful photos for free use. 


  • EarthyUniversity homepage: Isle of Skye, Scotland | by Bjorn Snelders
  • EarthyUniversity Science of Travel Course Series image: Ocean Sand, Bahamas | Earth Observatory
  • EarthyMe Homepage: Trees from above | by Spencer Watson
  • EarthyMe homepage: Tree alley and fence | by Ashley Knelder 
  • Science of Travel Course 'Seychelles': bird's eye view of Seychelles and boat | by Ian Badenhorst
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