How to see the big picture / the world through a geoscientist's eyes

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Read this text to find out how I see the world. – Daniela


Beyond the superficial, visible world await billions of meaningful stories about humans and nature to be explored and an invigorating, authentic life in harmony with nature and yourself to be lived.


How to see the big picture

When I, as a geoscientist, spot a rock formation or gaze over a stunning landscape, I am fascinated by the physical appearance. The colors, the texture, the structures, the bedding and the rock types, the erosion.

But my perception goes beyond that. I see the interaction of tiny components and individual processes as part of one vast connected dynamic system.

I see elements and minerals. I see frozen, crystallized, magma or lava. I see deposited fragmented rock particles, sand, silt, mud, fragments of shells of long-dead organisms, solidified into rock. I see long-vanished landscapes and environments.

I see myself in the middle of a story whose protagonists, rocks and landscapes, simultaneously expose history and at the same time write and capture it. In my mind’s eye, the past, present and future are united.

I don't see the beginning of something new or a simple, one-dimensional rock formation on the roadside. I grasp that what I observe is nothing more than a specific point of time in the life of a rock or landscape. It’s a snapshot. I see the rock and the landscape in space and time, in four dimensions. I try to reconstruct a complete, four-dimensional picture.

I invite you to see like a geoscientist more often. See beyond the physical appearance, the one dimension. Apply the geoscientist’s eyes to your everyday life, to the environment, to the complete Earth, to people, and to yourself. Try to see the bigger, a total picture, both in time and space.

I hope the MENTOR EARTH course makes it easier for you and gave you reasons to see like a geoscientist more often. I hope that you find this course insightful and helpful. Thank you for allowing Earth to be your mentor and for letting me guide you along the way.

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