Earth history meets philosophy | MENTOR EARTH program

Science-based knowledge about Earth inspires to redefine personal values and priorities.

In the 3-hour online course MENTOR EARTH you will learn about the formation of planet Earth, its 4.56-billion-year-old history, and will define your individual set of life values.

MENTOR EARTH is an online program that, in its essence, inspires to think bigger in order to tackle personal issues as well as contempary, societal challenges.


The 7-part blog series teasers the online program. All parts are linked here and forward to the full article.


Part 1: The connection between geoscience and philosophy
Part 2: Rocks can help you live a content life
Part 3: Exploring life values through geoscience
Part 4: How to stay true to your values
Part 5: Scared to grow older?
Part 6: You don't need to be happy
Part 7: Get a sneak peek


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