Pt. 1: The connection between geoscience + philosophy | MENTOR EARTH program

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I admit, it's not obvious. But give it some thought and it becomes as clear as day – and can never be veiled again.

The connection between geoscience and philosophy is hidden in plain sight. It's a treasure.

I certainly wasn't aware that studying Earth can lead to deep contemplations about life when I started my geoscience degree. I wanted to be able to understand how Earth and landscapes formed.

A few years later, I find myself creating a program (MENTOR EARTH) about the lessons we can learn from Earth and from the Geological Sciences, because this treasure must not be hidden from the world. Having access to this treasure is a privilege and it shouldn't be exclusively reserved for those with a geoscience degree.

This treasure makes you want to spend more time with your loved ones, more time doing meaningful things, more time in nature. It makes you accept yourself a bit more.

There are many geoscientists who are aware of this invisible band that ties together geoscience + philosophy. But not enough talk about it (probably because they're busy conducting important research :)!

I want to give you access to this invaluable way of thinking and knowledge, without you having to get a degree in geosciences.

After completing the 7 chapters of the MENTOR EARTH program:
  • You'll comprehend that focusing your attention on something greater than your own life leads to profound feelings of connection and belonging.
  • You'll feel encouraged to live a life consistent with your life values and to set healthy boundaries.
  • You'll be able to reassess your priorities in life. 

Hope to see you inside the course!



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