Pt. 2: Rocks can help you live a content life | MENTOR EARTH program

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Who would think that looking at rocks can be life-changing and awe-inspiring?

The answer might surprise you: many geoscientists (like Scottish geologist James Hutton), plus all the astronauts who report experiencing the overview effect, prove it.

You'll learn more about Hutton, the overview effect, and MUCH more in my new program MENTOR EARTH. This program enables you to see rocks and Earth 🌏 (which basically is a humongous rock) in a new light, and it shows how this can help you live a more content life – a life that you're proud of, a life filled with meaning and purpose.

This promises a lot, doesn't it? I can assure you from my own experience that it absolutely is true – if you're up for it and if you put in some effort.

This course captures the essence of what geoscience (= the study of the Earth) can achieve for you and the world at large.

Hope to see you inside the program!


PS: Read part 3 here.


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