Pt. 3: Exploring life values through geoscience | MENTOR EARTH program

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The idea suddenly appeared in my mind like Dobby in Harry's room on No 4 Privet Drive. Once it was there, it never left, and it is always there when I need it most (like Dobby, my fave HP character, hands down).

I realized that the idea made complete sense, and that I must incorporate it into my new online program MENTOR EARTH.

It is the perfect idea to structure our inner world and an amazing tool that enables us to live a life that is driven from the inside, by our pure being.

Do you know your life values?

Your purpose?

Are you aware how your emotions impact and steer your actions?

Do you live life according to your values?

In other words: Do you live with integrity?

If you want clarity, the idea can seriously help.

Since the idea appeared in my mind, I've been using the idea to remind myself of my own values. I now am better able to align my actions with who I am and who I want to be, and I can better protect myself from others' opinions (always have been very easily influenced by others - can you relate?).

Part 4 reveals the idea is and how it relates to Earth.

Hope to see you inside the program!


PS: Read part 4 here.


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