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I stopped counting them, and at first I pulled them out. It started with three single hairs when I was in my early 20s. Now, I have close to 30 (or 50?) of them and I don't bother to pluck them anymore.

I let my grey hairs "hang" out and decorate my 29-year-old brunette head. They're like vanilla frosting on chocolate cake (yum!).

Even though I'm "only" 29, I experience aging in its initial stages. I am aware that I won't grow younger, and I embrace it as best I can.

Studying Earth has been helping me to accept aging as part of life.

Aging is beautiful. It doesn't degrade us. While it's true that we won't be able to do many things we did when we were younger, we grow wiser as we grow older, we're capable of giving advice to younger generations – and we have lived.

We have lived life, which is the most rewarding gift anyone can ever receive. We've made it through dark phases, enjoyed the lighter ones. We survived, we lived. We have been using our bodies our whole life, so why can't they wear out? It's the most normal thing.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those who thinks "age is just a number". It's not. Declaring age "just a number" is not only a disguise, its denial. It's denial of the natural course of life and of ourselves. It's disrespectful towards our bodies and the experiences we made as humans.

Who said that older people are not important for our world-society, that aging is ugly, something to be ashamed of, that it can't be graceful? Who said it? The cosmetic industry who sells hair dye, make up, skin rejuvenation cremes, telomere-elongating supplements?

Asking different questions and questioning assumptions and beliefs we have is what is about. Chapter IV deals with deep time, an amazing geological concept that celebrates time.

Your authentic answers to these questions can reframe your life and your outlook on life.

Hope to see you inside the program!


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