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I don't want to be happy.

I want to be content and peaceful. I want to be authentic and vulnerable. I want to be who I am. I want to be a human, not a happiness-robot.

Honestly, I can’t even say that I'm a super happy person who radiates joy for life, and rarely am I "wonderful". Rather, I am good, content, and grateful to be alive. But it’s a gentle, subdued background feeling, like waves consistently lapping onto the beach.

I ponder a lot, I have a discerning mind, and I'm sensitive (some think this is a weakness, but it's a gift).

There are phases when I’m sad, feel like a loser, bawl my eyes out and wallow in self-pity. And there are other days when I cringe-dance in the kitchen and shout out Dermot Kennedy’s lyrics, not hitting a single note, energized and, yes, happy.

I have bad days, very bad days, neutral days, good days, and marvelous days. Or minutes or hours. And I accept that as my human experience. It takes pressure off me.

I am tired of this popular striving for happiness. People always want to appear perfect, happy, to have it all together and to lead the picture-perfect life (what is that anyhow)?

I think we need to STOP with that. We don’t have it all together. And we are not happy 24/7 and, yes, we DON'T NEED TO be.

To hell with the "let's be strong and impeccable".

Why do we believe we need to be happy and strong all the time? It’s fake, awful, deceiving, and stressful.

Appreciating life and all emotions and moods that come along with it is something Earth can teach us.

This is only one of the many contemplations that could help you formulate your personal philosophy of life in my new online program MENTOR EARTH.

Hope to see you inside the course! 


PS: This is the last part of the series. Read the previous parts here or visit the MENTOR EARTH website to get more details or to enroll.

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